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The dreaded "R" word...


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May 2019
What are tips and trick you use on the day of if it rains?

Canopies, tents, and ponchos are my go tos... once you are done, carpet mask the rack/pod so you can still shoot the show that night. Tarps are also great to cover up unused racks if you are doing a multi-day setup.

What are other tips/tricks you use?

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Nov 2021
There is rain forecasted (31% isolated thunderstorms) on my shoot day---Friday. If it is raining in the morning I will hold off as long as I can before setup watching the radar like a hawk. Thankfully this year I do have some help setting up, so it won't be just me, and I can wait a little longer than usual. I have planned to wrap my racks with plastic wrap. I have saved tons of heavy duty plastic from my shipments that I can cover some of the positions with. I have garbage bags ready for some of the cakes, and smaller bags for my fountains/flame pots/strobes which will be easy to cover because they are all up on stakes this year. I am just praying that we get rain earlier in the week and not on Friday.